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Creative Software

It’s what we do

We have close on four decades of experience in developing advanced and durable bespoke software solutions and networking infrastructure. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two.

We use our distinctive combination of technical, creative and business skills to create custom software solutions that really work. We develop websites and bespoke content management systems for businesses large and small.

By building on our own advanced proprietary software libraries and components, we are agile to deliver complex big data projects in multi-lingual, distributed platform contexts. Because we licence our own software we can build complex bespoke systems highly cost-effectively and can join our clients’ bespoke data with any of the leading CMS, PIM or CRM systems.

We support graphic design and PR businesses and provide them with an effective collaborative in-house technical department.

We have special experience in wide range of sectors including housing, museums, manufacturing and education — building local,  national, regional and global multilingual platforms.

We provide specialist server management to fully support our development projects with robust hosting and support regimens.